I am pursuing my master degree of computer software and technology at Peking University, and expecting to be graduated in 2016.9. There are lots of topics I feel interesting, like OS, compiler, static analysisand software develeopment. For now I am writing JavaScript for side projects and also doing some CUDA&MIC programmings.

Here is my Github Profile, and email address: liuzhiyou.cs at gmail.

I am also seeking my very first full-time job. Jobs on US are also welcomed if H1B could be provided.

If you/your company is hiring, please check out my resume in ./resume-en.pdf (english version) or ./resume-cn.pdf (chinese version), and feel free to drop me an email. (I did not make them hyper links since some crawlers do not follow the .robots.txt guideline. Add the paths in the end of the current URL you will be able to download them.)